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Arya Residences: A Prime Standard of Sustainable Luxury

Back in 2014, Arthaland completed what was to be the first truly “green” residential building in Bonifacio Global City (BGC located at Taguig City,Philippines) and it remains the only residential condominium with high standard sustainability certifications: Philippine Green Building Council (GBC) and LEED Gold from the US green building council.

In the past, luxury was associated with excess and impracticality, now the landscape is changing. This might sound like an oxymoron, but the fact of the matter is Arthaland has made it possible for a luxury property to have sustainable values. Arya Residences offers residents both the prestige and the ecological conscience that luxury need not be destructive to our planet. This is the trend now as the world gains more of an ecological conscience. Luxury is becoming more sustainable, we’ve seen this trend from Tesla’s electric cars like the Model S and the Model X. Now, even super yachts are adapting green technology. The new normal for luxury now is enjoying the finer things in life, and at the same time knowing that your experience of luxury does not come at the cost of damaging the environment.

We simply cannot continue the way we have been living. The way we have been consuming energy and water in our homes are great factors to our participation in global warming. The key is to be more efficient in these two aspects to lessen our impact. Non-green buildings or homes consume about 20-30% more water, and if there is elaborate landscaping done on a vast garden area the non-green property could use up to 50% more water than a green certified property*. This might even be more if you are living in an old house or an aging luxury apartment. One of the main benefits of being in a green building is the energy efficiency, for Arya for instance compared to living in a similar condominium, you can save on electricity by as much as 14%. What contributes to these savings are the Low-E (low thermal emissivity) and the double-glazed glass, which make sure the heat stays out, increasing the cooling efficiency of each unit. Another thing is the lighting efficiency of Arya’s architecture which invites natural light into the unit as much it can. People who have moved into Arya from another place have always been astonished at how consistently low their power bill is compared to where they came from. Just by being efficient in these two things your carbon footprint can be significantly be reduced without compromising your living standards. You may have to pay for a higher upfront cost (this shouldn’t be a problem anyways since this is luxury purchase), however the investment will be returned to you in the form of lower utility bills throughout the years you will be using the property.

If you have decided on choosing BGC to be your area of residence, for obvious reasons like more open spaces, parks, and greenery (compared to other CBDs in Metro Manila), why not choose a green building? If you have the budget to buy or rent something at the luxury level, the extra benefits of energy/water efficiency and carbon foot print reduction must be critical considerations in your property selection. To date, it is a shame that mostly only office buildings have been added to the inventory of green buildings in the country and this makes Arya Residences a unique gem in the property market. Right now, it is one of the rare green building certified residential condominiums in the country, and clearly the best practical choice in the present to live in sustainable luxury.

*Based on the LEED rating scorecard for Arya Residences:

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